Top 5 Holywood Smiles

Top Five Hollywood Smiles

Have you been longing for a superstar style reminiscent of Hollywood glitz and glam? Well, you can stop dreaming! Your desire to have straight, white teeth that make people take notice is within your reach. Dr. Quynh Bui at Redstone Dental Center in Stoneham, MA, is a family and cosmetic dentist who has many years of experience treating children and adults with both regular cleanings and specialty..   Read More

Are e-cigarettes safe? Electronic Cigarette Bad for Teeth

Are E-Cigarettes as Safe As The Industry Would Have You Believe?

Without question, smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do for your dental health. More than 400,000 Americans die each year from tobacco-related illnesses. Extend the sample size from America to the entire world, and you get a number exceeding 5 million. Nicotine may be the primary culprit behind addiction, but it is far from the most..   Read More

why to fear dentist

Four Things to Fear More Than the Dentist

Some things have remained unchanged from the moment they came into existence. One of these things is the fear many people feel when they need to see the dentist. This is quite unfortunate as dentistry has come a very long way and the dentist is now able to make you quite comfortable during any procedure. Dr. Quynh Bui at Redstone..   Read More

Stoneham dental care

Gum Chewing: Good or Bad for you?

When we consider Stoneham dental care and oral hygiene, there is a mystery surrounding chewing gum because here are several schools of thought that hold that it is harmful to your teeth, while others believe that the practice is actually helpful. When you chew gum, there is an increase in the amount of saliva in your mouth. Studies have conclusively shown that saliva..   Read More

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Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives!

Oral cancer is defined as a growth or sore within the oral cavity that does not go away or heal. Oral cancer is an umbrella term that can include cancers of the lips, cheeks, tongue, hard or soft palate, throat, sinuses, or floor of the mouth. Anyone can get oral cancer; however, individuals who are male, over the age of 40, and use..   Read More

Tooth Sensitivity treatment

Ouch! Skinny on Tooth Sensitivity: Hot or Cold

Summer is finally here, and the hottest season of all brings some of the most deliciously delectable treats with it. Alongside fresh peaches, melons, and veggies come the ubiquitous ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies. Of course, enjoying these cold treats can be a real pain when your teeth are overly sensitive to cold! In fact, temperature sensitivity is the..   Read More

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Finding the right option for Stoneham Dental Care Services

If you are looking for Stoneham dental care, then you may want to check out some of the different dentistry services that are available to you soon. Finding the right option for dental is important to many families, because they never know when they may need to get the help from a trained dentist. Both adults and children can face..   Read More

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Six Clues That It’s Time to Switch Your Dentist

You’ve heard the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well, teeth don’t grow on trees either. We are given only a set amount in our lives and we should treat our pearly whites with the care they deserve. Choosing the right among dentists Stoneham to trust with your teeth is extremely important. I see too many new patients who think that..   Read More

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Stoneham Dentists – Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

According to statistics, between 14 and 25 percent of Americans report having bad breath, also known as halitosis. It’s such an embarrassing problem that billions of dollars are spent each year on products meant to eliminate or at least control bad breath. Here are some tips  by Stoneham dentists on how to prevent bad breath. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates- Over-consumption of refined..   Read More


Patients Play their Part in Gum Disease Prevention

As a dentist, I have found that many of my patients are quite unaware of what gum disease is and what actually causes it. This fact is true even for those that are suffering from the condition. Like many diseases, the first step to prevention is education. My intent of writing this article is to make people aware of the..   Read More