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Dr. Bui uses the latest denture technology improve her patients their smile and bite. The dentures are removable replacement teeth most suitable when most of the teeth are absent. The two kinds of dentures are the complete and partial ones. When you have a set of subsequent natural teeth, the partial ones are useful. The complete dentures replace all teeth.

Dr. Quynh Bui prepares customized dentures reflecting your natural appearance. In fact, a good denture can even improve your smile. Complete Dentures – People usually lose all teeth after a certain age. Redstone Dental Center provides the complete dentures to replace all of them. The customized dentures restore your confidence. Partial Dentures – When patients have one or more natural teeth, the partial dentures come to use.

Care CreditWe offer CareCredit financing for Dentures.

However, partial dentures are not removable usually. The dentist MA cements it to the gum base and sets it against the natural tooth for mutual support. This method effectively fills a large empty space on the jaw. However, if there are only a few natural teeth in different positions, the dentist recommends taking them out and setting a complete denture.


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