Teeth Whitening – In-Office – Whitening by Dentist

We specialize in smiles that people notice. Dr. Bui utilizes the latest in-office and take-home teeth whitening technology. Anything you eat, drink, or smoke passes by your teeth first. The food/drink/smoke leaves stains on the teeth. Redstone Dental Center can offer effective teeth whitening solutions. Our teeth whitening treatment options are highly customized to your goals and objectives.

Dr. Bui will complete a teeth whitening consultation to discuss her findings and her personal plan for you.

Care CreditWe offer CareCredit financing for Teeth Whitening.

If Dr. Bui recommends at-home whitening, she will take an accurate impression of your teeth to develop the whitening set to accurately fit your teeth. Redstone Dental Center provides complete instructions on how to use your whitening tray. Please call us today at 781-438-0345 to schedule a consultation.


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