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The Many Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Dentists have used wire braces for many years to re-align the teeth of teens while they are still developing in their mouth. While this process has been effective for young people, this alternative did not provide many benefits for adults. Invisalign is the latest technology used by dentists to correct the improper alignment of teeth for teens and adults alike. While the wire retainers used in the past did result in straight teeth, they were often uncomfortable to wear and made proper teeth cleaning difficult.

Invisalign retainers are not only comfortable to wear, but they can easily be removed during a meal and to allow for complete brushing. This is a great advantage for parents of teens who otherwise find wearing retainers for the necessary length of time difficult. In addition, the fact that the retainers are nearly invisible eliminate the embarrassment most teens have experienced while wearing wire retainers.

While it is true that teens appreciate the benefits of Invisalign treatment most, adults are also able to take advantage of this technology to achieve straight teeth and an attractive smile. Some of the dental problems that can be corrected in adults include gapped teeth, overbite, crowded teeth and underbite. Most of these dental problems could have been corrected if the patient had been treated with braces while in their teens, and these imperfections typical worsen as the patient ages. Because the Invisalign process is nearly invisible and allows the patient to easily remove the retainers, adults are now able to experience the healthy smile they always wanted.

Dentists using the Invisalign technology for their patients are able to track their progress through a 3D imaging process, and their patient is able to see a virtual representation of how their smile will appear with their newly straightened teeth. This technology also allows the dentist to make adjustments to the retainers when necessary, and also anticipate how much time will be needed to complete the process.

It is unfortunate that most insurance plans do not cover the full cost of any type of orthodontic treatment, so teeth straightening treatment will probably not be fully covered. If parents anticipate their child will need braces, they may choose to purchase additional insurance with benefits to cover most of the cost. Many orthodontists will offer a low or no interest payment plan, but a sizable down-payment is usually required up front. Since the alignment of an individuals teeth can have a lifetime effect on their health, most people will choose to make the investment.

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