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Six Clues That It’s Time to Switch Your Dentist

You’ve heard the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well, teeth don’t grow on trees either. We are given only a set amount in our lives and we should treat our pearly whites with the care they deserve. Choosing the right to trust with your teeth is extremely important. I see too many new patients who think that a visit to the dental clinic will inevitably be a painful and uncomfortable experience. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These patients have been suffering because they didn’t know that going to the dentist office could actually be enjoyable. In order to avoid further suffering, here are six clues that it’s time to switch your dentist:

1. I am only a number or an ATM to my dentist.

At Redstone Dental Center, you will never feel like just a number. We pride ourselves in remembering each patient’s name and being warm and welcoming. We schedule enough time for each visit so you don’t feel rushed and receive the focused care that you deserve. If you feel like you are rushed through your visits with your current dentist, or it seems all about the money, it’s time to switch.

2. The dental office is old and uses obsolete dental technology.

If your dentist is still using the same instruments on you that they did years ago, you should consider coming over to Redstone Dental Center. We provide the most advanced dental technology available, in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. Tired of visiting an office with ripped chairs, tattered magazines and a dingy carpet Come visit a dental office that is modern, clean, and inviting for a change!

3. You frequently experience pain in the chair.

As a dentist, I pride myself on ensuring that each person who sits in my chair is comfortable. You shouldn’t ever have to feel pain in order to have a dental procedure completed, and should not be afraid to tell your dentist what you’re feeling. If you often suffer though agonizing visits to your current dentist, it is definitely time to switch.

4. They don’t take your insurance or the fee they throw out to you makes you wonder if you are overpaying.

Your current dentist doesn’t accept or dropped your insurance such as Delta Dental or Blue Cross/Blue Shield Coming to Redstone Dental Center doesn’t have to be stressful on your wallet. We accept most dental insurance plans so you may minimize any out-of-pocket expenses. If your current dentist doesn’t accept your insurance or you feel as though you are overpaying, get out!

5. Their office no parking when you arrive, which makes you late for your appointment!

Besides your time in the waiting room and the chair, every part of your visit should be easy. We are easily accessible by routes 93 and 128/95, and have our own parking lot too! You should not have to loop around 10 times to find a parking spot or fight your way back to the highway. We know that your personal convenience is just as important as the quality of dental care you receive.

6. You’re having a dental emergency and they don’t get you right in.

Imagine you just chipped a tooth and picture day is tomorrow. You call your dentist but they can’t get you in for at least a couple of days. This issue would never happen at Redstone Dental. We understand the importance of an emergency visit and will make finding availability for you our utmost priority. Switch dentists immediately if they can’t make time for your emergency visits. You want to have a dentist who understands and accommodates your urgent dental needs.

At Redstone Dental, we would be honored to have you and your family as patients.
Please call us at 781-438-0345 to schedule a personal consultation..

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