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Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

According to statistics, between 14 and 25 percent of Americans report having bad breath, also known as halitosis. It’s such an embarrassing problem that billions of dollars are spent each year on products meant to eliminate or at least control bad breath. Here are some tips by Redstone Dental Center on how to prevent bad breath.

Avoid Refined Carbohydrates– Over-consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as corn syrup, table sugar, brown sugar and white flour, may easily be the number one cause of foul breath. The mouth is loaded with bacteria ranging from beneficial to benign to potentially harmful. Most of them have two things in common: they love sugar and they produce offensive odors as a by-product. Lots of Intake of refined carbs means feeding these microorganisms a feast. As they metabolize the sugars and their numbers grow, smelly breath is the result. A diet high in these foods is also strongly linked to diabetes, a common effect of which is bad breath. So, if you’re not trying to scare away everyone you come in contact with you might want to reduce the intake of food high in refined carbohydrates.

Brush and Floss– A surprising number of people don’t brush and floss their teeth regularly. Therefore, the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar are allowed to build up to the point where your breath becomes unpleasant. A major key to keeping bad breath under control is to brush and floss at least once every day, particularly after consuming starchy or sugary foods. Be sure that you floss your back teeth, too, since they provide a prime location for food accumulation and as we all know food left anywhere too long will start to smell. Flossing also reduces the risks for other oral conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Avoid Dry Mouth– Part of your mouth’s defenses against tooth damage is to stay moist. When you get dry mouth, you no longer have this essential protection. Having dry mouth for short periods on occasion shouldn’t cause a problem, but when it’s prolonged, the resulting halitosis, bad breath, and tooth damage can be severe. If your medications are causing dry mouth, ask us if there’s an alternative.

Steer Clear of Pungent Foods– A number of foods, such as garlic, onions, eggs and some vegetables in the cabbage family, are known for causing bad breath. The leftover aromas can be incredibly stubborn to get rid of or minimize. Therefore, it’s often a better idea to avoid these foods outright rather than struggle to cover them up later.

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