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, Crown & Bridges, These are the best replacement teeth options for the badly damaged ones. In fact, the crowns can also fill missing teeth spaces. The crown (also called cap) covers the damaged tooth in entirety, thereby improving the appearance and shape of the teeth drastically. The various utilities of the crown treatment include:

  • Providing a replacement solution in a large tooth filling
  • Protecting the fracture of a weak tooth
  • Restoring the fractured teeth
  • Attaching a bridge
  • Covering the dental implant
  • Covering a tooth in poor shape
  • Covering a highly discolored tooth
  • Covering a tooth after the root canal treatment

The bridge adequately fills in the space of the missing tooth. The bride is essentially a set of artificial teeth that fills in a large space of missing teeth. This bridge sets against the adjacent teeth on either side. That explains the name. The bridge replaces a set of missing teeth and offers an efficient cosmetic solution. Preparing the bridge is the most important part. The dentist develops a customized bridge that fits well and blends efficiently with the natural color.

Ceramic and porcelain are common material choices, but you can also gold alloy bridges. The materials choice depends on the individual preference of the patient. The dentist explains the various aspects of different materials and shows you photos to help in an informed decision. Our facility hosts the most advanced customization facilities. We would develop a teeth mold and prepare the ideal bridge or crown for you. We would also provide an immediate temporary solution while you wait for the custom teeth to arrive from the lab.

, Crown & Bridges, We offer CareCredit financing for Crown and Bridges
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