Clear Braces – Invisalign Treatment What is Invisalign?

, Invisalign, Invisaligns are advanced invisible teeth brace solutions. Dr. Bui evaluates your present bite and molds a set of customized Invisalign clear braces to reshape your smile. With each Invisalign session, Dr. Bui makes adjustments with the invisible braces to make further improve your bite.

The total treatment time can take up to one year and can easily be financed in our office through CareCredit or Springstone. Please call us today at 781-438-0345 to schedule a free Invisalign consultation.

Primary benefits of Invisalign

  • The braces are almost invisible. You can continue the treatment without the awkwardness of wires on your teeth.
  • Removability is an amazing advantage. You can remove it easily while you eat or drink anything. Brushing the teeth also becomes possible.
  • It is highly comfortable. The wire braces constantly scrape with the inner cheek and the tongue, often causing cuts.
  • The treatment includes a 3D imaging system, which allows you to keep track of the progress in alignment. With 3D imaging, you also get to see a virtual representation of the transformation in your teeth.
  • It is a highly hygienic process because you can remove the aligners and clean them adequately.
  • Food particles do not stick in the Invisalign, which is a common problem with wire bracing.

For whom Invisalign is suitable?

Anyone with a teeth alignment issue can benefit from the Invisalign treatment. Here are some orthodontic conditions that you can effectively rectify using Invisalign.

  • Crowding: This is the condition of excessively tight-packed teeth
  • Spacing: This refers to the presence of gaping spaces between adjacent teeth.
  • Class II/Overjet/Overbite: This is the condition of the front teeth sticking out of the rest. Sometimes the teeth can be outside the mouth even.
  • Class III/Underbite: The lower teeth stick out in this condition.
  • Crossbite: This refers to the lack of alignment between upper and lower teeth.
  • Midline shift: The lack of alignment between the center lines of the upper and lower teeth set.
, Invisalign, We offer CareCredit financing for Invisalign.

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