Custom Mouth Guards

, Mouth Guards, Dr. Bui fits comfortable customized mouth guards with flexible plastics to protect against teeth grinding, chipped teeth from playing sports, and jaw pain from TMJ. She molds for the mouth guard to fit your mouth. Redstone Dental Center mouth guards are highly effective in protecting your teeth and jaw from damages caused by clenching, grinding, or impact.

Football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, field hockey, rugby players can especially benefit from these guards. Her custom mouth guard protect the cheek lining, lips, and the tongue – soft tissues and will feel comfortable while you are playing your favorite sport.

Dental mouth guards are an important part of sports. Most sports require their players to wear a mouth guard in order to protect their teeth as they play. Purchasing a mouth guard from a sports shop may seem like a good idea, but stock mouth guards often fit loosely around the teeth. In order to get the best protection, you need a dentist to create a custom mouth guard that fits perfectly in your jaw.

Players of all ages can benefit from having the right mouth guard. Playing sports unprotected can lead to jaw pain from TMJ no matter how active you are. A custom fit will give your teeth the space they need so that you can play comfortably. It will also help you prevent damage where it matters the most.

Dr. Bui works to create comfortable mouth guards using only the best materials available. Flexible plastics allow you to get a more accurate fit and take advantage of the custom design. Due to this tighter fit, you will also be able to protect the teeth from chipping, grinding or causing jaw pain.

Finding the best fit takes years of experience that only a dentist can provide. Teeth and gums are very sensitive, so the slightest alteration to the fit can cause a lot of discomforts. Athletes use their custom mouth guards very often and this can be incredibly problematic. It leads to distractions on the field and can cause some players to worry that their mouth is not fully protected. Working with an experienced dentist lets you rest assured knowing that your custom mouth guard will do its best to protect you from any unforeseen injuries.

Each highly effective mouth guard works to prevent damages from impact, clenching or grinding the teeth. They also work to prevent damage to other areas of the mouth such as the cheeks, tongue, and lips. All of these areas are very sensitive and can cause a great deal of pain when injured during your favorite sport.

Redstone Dental Center is proud to offer custom mouthpieces that help fit your needs. Make an appointment today to see just how much your athlete can benefit from having the right mouthpiece.

, Mouth Guards, We offer CareCredit financing for Mouth Guards.

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